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Busy year

Hello my friends,

I didn’t keep this website up to date as I promised but I had a really busy year. I want to apology for this and will try to do it a lot better this year!!
I will give you a short review of the last year with a few highlights of my so far young career.

I’ll start in Korea. At the end of August there was the music competition of Jeju.
Jeju is a very nice island in South-Korea. Every participant stayed in the dormes of the University of Jeju. This was hosted by the organization.
I came second on this competition and was happy with it. I was really happy with the way I played in the final. It was accompanied by symphony orchestra. It was great to play the Cosma concerto with orchestra. You can watch it on the website :

In the beginning of October I was a guest in Italy? This was thanks to my fantastic sponsor Besson and Buffet Crampon.
I gave a masterclass in a new music shop that opened in Merano! Thank you Besson for giving me this opportunity.

Between this and the next year 2011 I had a busy time too. I went to China with my brass quartet Exit_Brass! and played a few solo concerts with brass bands in Belgium.

In the new year I went to Australia, Scotland, Wales and the Netherlands.

I was invited by Lochgelly band (Scotland) to play solo euphonium at the regional competitions in Perth. We played Paganini Variations and the band did a really great job. They came thirds overall and it was just only the first year in the highest division. And I was very happy to help the band and win the Solo prize in this event.

I’m not a stranger for Beaumaris Band. They asked me again to play for them in Blackpool at the senior cup. We had to play Prisms by Peter Graham. It’s a really good piece and the band again played wonderfull. It was great to see how the band made a huge progress over the year. The band came third and was very happy as they move on to the grand shield next year. This is where they belong! Let’s see if I can make it a hattric by winning the solo prize next year in the grand shield. I would like to thank the band for all their support and believe in me!

Recent I was in the Netherlands with my own band Brass Band Heist. We went to Eurobrass, a very nice competition in the north of the Netherlands. Playing Battle creek we came 4th overall. I really enjoyed the performance! Band was in absolute topform thanks to MD Bert Van Thienen. On the saturday we had to play an own choice concert program where each band introduced a soloist. I thank Bert for the chance he gave me. I played a new piece specially written for me by Tom Davoren. The piece is called Proverbially and is written in a concertino style. It will be the first track on my solo album.
Thanks too the tight accompaniment of the Band and the great writing of Tom I won the solo prize!

2011 has been a wonderfull year so far for me and I’m sure there’s still a lot to come with trips to Finland and Switzerland!

Keep an eye on my website!!



International Euphonium Competition

Title: International Euphonium Competition
Location: Lieksa, Finland
Link out: Click here

Hello My friends,
On the end of July I will be in Finland to compete in the Lieksa International Euphonium Competition. This event is a part of the Lieksa Brass Week that is held in Lieksa, Finland.
I will keep you up to date about this event on my website.
The program that I will play is:

first round:
Howard J. Buss: Three Euphonics
Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata no.6 for Violoncello and Piano

Second round:
Ermanno Picchi: Fantasie Originale
Jukka Linkola: Euphonium Concerto, First Movement

Final round:
John Golland: Euphonium Concerto no.1

So keep your fingers crossed during this period!!!!!
Start Date: 2011/07/20
End Date: 2011/07/29

British open success for Exit_Brass!

Last weekend (sunday 7 November) Exit_Brass! won the ‘British Open Quartet Championship’. Exit_Brass! played ‘Divertimento’ by Philip Sparke en beated the other 13 quartets. ‘The Thames Quartet‘ became second and our Belgian friends from ‘Cosy Brass‘ come 3rd.

Some quotes by the adjudicators:
“This is very fine playing, with great dynamics” (Dr Nicholas Childs)
“The soft piano are magic…” (Dr Nicholas Childs)
“… there is a splendid musicality to the playing” (James Scott)
“There is understanding from each player resulting in a fine musical performance…” (James Scott)

Click HERE for the results on 4BR.

For the full retrospective click HERE.

Last bits

I will work on the last bits and details for the competition in Korea next week in Dinant. The town of Adolphe Sax who improved the euphonium years ago. I will work in the summer courses with my tutor Nick Ost. I hope to get everything right to get off to Korea the week after.
I wont have internet over there so if you would like to contact me you can reach me on my mobile phone if it’s urgent.

Have a nice week. And I’ll try to keep you up to date about my trip to Korea from the 9th of August.

Beaumaris’ succes

In the beginning of May this year I was in Wales to help Beaumaris band out for the senior trophy in Blackpool. I spend a few days in Beaumaris, Anglesey rehearsing with the band. I had a great time. They are a really nice band that really appreciated me helping out. On the day of the contest I was locked up in the pub where I stayed. So I had to use the fire exit to be on time for my lift to the contest. The band really did a great job and they won the senior trophy. We had to play ‘Le roi d’ys. So there was a big euph solo in it to. The adjudicators chose me to win the solo award. I was really pleased for the band for their victory.

Myself and Gwyn Evans (MD of Beaumaris)

The band recently wrote an article on 4barsrest about there busy times and the celebration of the victory in Blackpool. I want to thank the band for their kind words in the article and for their appreciation for me.

Want to read the article about Beaumaris band? Click here


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