National Finals, Royal Albert Hall

I’m very happy to announce you that Beaumaris band came 4th in the National Finals at the RAH (Royal Albert Hall)
An early morning it was with a number 4 draw. The band was at breakfast around 7 o’clock to rehearse at 8.
Warming up the lips with a few hymn tunes, after fridays heavy rehearsal when we ran trough the piece 2 times, the band sounded really good. A nice morning walk to the RAH and then in the changing rooms. You could feel the incredible atmosphere from the Nationals. It was the 100th jubileum of the competition and my debute. The band played really well on the stage and I’m sure they have put a lot of effort in the piece.
I’m very proud to announce you that the adjudicators chose me for the ‘best instrumentalist’ prize.

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