BLOG Lieksa!!!

Day 1

Hello friends and followers,
I’m finaly in Lieksa. Sharing a room in a very nice hotel with Kevin Van Giel. The internet hardly works and the rooms are quiet small. But we’ll manage it for a week.
The first thing we did in the morning was going to the draw. Kevin drew number 11 so he is playing tomorrow. And I drew number 34 out of 38. That means that I have a day more to prepare. I’m playing the first round on Saturday. We both had a practice in the Lieksa office and are now ready to have a rehearsal with the accompanist and we can test the hall later on the day. I’ll try to post some more during the day. To be honest…there is not so much to do around here apart from practicing. So we will have to do it.

Keep an eye on the blog folks.